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Why is Having 5 Potential Dates Better Than An Infinite Pool of Singles?

Months ago, I’ve wrote this article to a dating app company to see if I can score an interview.

In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t get it. ūüėõ

But no effort goes to waste. I shall dump it here.

Let’s call them ABC.


Love is complicated. You know what’s more complicated?

Finding the one true love that lasts forever.

Is there really such thing as finding THE ONE ?

If you’re Asian, you’ve probably heard dem materialistic gurls saying “No money,no honey”.

Well, they ain’t entirely wrong.

Since cash is king and if you do have it, there’s nothing wrong about spending money on ABC to find love..


The answer is simple. Having too many choices make it harder for anyone to choose.

Ever wonder why the question, “Where to eat?” is the toughest question of all time? It’s a first world problem and the smarter move would be to limit your choices.


Are you saying it’s more likely to find better matches in a pool of¬†5¬†instead of a thousand?

Yup. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

With the endless romantic options, people are exhaustively searching for The One and it sabotages their relationship prospects instead.

No wonder kids these days get married so old.

The man you can’t stop thinking about is currently banging his wife in the office while texting you and atleast 4 different girls.

People behave differently with a seemingly infinite pool of choices. With unlimited (you mean, UNFILTERED!) dates, it reduces the possibility of finding THE ONE in the pool with god-knows-what-his-or-her-intention is.

He’s a 28 year old ambitious professional, single and ready to mingle on his profile.

When he’s actually 40 and balding, happily married with 5 kids. Cat fish!

And you wonder why you’re single.

A typical speed date would cost you $50 where two singles meet up, have a 5 minute conversation,maximizing your odds of having mind blowing chemistry and if not, you move on to the next person.

Think of it like, the fast food version of The Bachelor.

Minus the sexy chocolate bath and extravagant places around the world for every over romanticized date, it really isn’t as fancy as it is. Unless you fork out more money.

But I’d say, fuck it.

Usually when shit goes down, it’s likely speed daters go looking to see what’s out there instead of working to repair it.

It’s not about the money. It’s just that speed daters ain’t got time for all that shiz.

That’s why it’s called SPEED DATING.

Think about many more $50s you’ll have to chip in and¬†go through the same old agonizing cycle of soulmate searching before you finally found your best suitor.It’s pretty much the same as the old-fashioned way of courting but only with more options in one session than your usual network of people.

Speed dating is so 2012. 

You’re a grown ass adult with a high flying career who’s way over short term hook ups. What you want now is slow dating where relationships gets serious. You’re looking at quality over quantity.

They say take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

But what they didn’t tell you is that, THERE’S A WAY TO REDUCE THAT RISK.

Being selective is the way to go instead of putting your desperate single ass out there and settling for shit.

ABC can help you with that. ( Oh no! Another dating app. )

Wow there. Hold your horses.

ABC isn’t your average dating app. You can count on them to be your wingman because they¬†genuinely care about your happiness. As all users are thoroughly screened through by professional matchmakers.¬†No spam with creepy pick up lines. No fake profiles. No more lame conversation starters like “a/s/l?”

Users will receive up to only 2 to 5 compatibles matches daily – focusing on a more curated dating experience with accurate matches based on your choices.

It’s no longer about how fast your thumbs can swipe. It’s designed to give you more high quality matches for more successful relationships in the long run.

With an 86% of success rate, true love may just be a click away!

All you’ve got to do is fill them up with the deets about your preferences in mate and the rest is sorted out. Then, decide whether you’re interested. Hot or Not?

And if it’s a match, of course, show up for the date. Don’t ghost, ok? You’re a mature, reasonable grown up with balls of steel (or ovaries).

ABC encourages going for real dates rather than in-app chatting. Go premium for GUARANTEED offline dates.

OMG I’m too shy to meet IRL. Not handsome. ūüė¶

Talk to dating consultants. Take a tip from the blog. They are more than happy to give you tuition about everything from basic manners to image coaching. Every bozo can easily transform into a superstar in dating with a little extra help from the experts.

If “No money, honey” is your rule of thumb (not judging), you’d need to be in a certain financial position to use ABC’s services. After all, it is to bring working professionals together despite their busy lifestyles.

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or for more info, visit

Still not sure about finding THE ONE for you? Your gut feeling is probably correct because there’s no such thing about “the one”. Could there be someone or many people out there? Ultimately, finding love is about taking the leap of faith and deciding whether someone has a set of qualities that suit you and together,the both of you can mold the relationship into something better.