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Hit the Great Ocean Road

Not only was it nothing like I’ve expected… IT WAS BEYOND WHAT I CAN EVER IMAGINE. Never have I seen a sky as clear and high roads stretched out into an endless horizon as I hit road.


Not just any road but – The Great Ocean Road.


It’s been more than a year since I visited to Melbourne, Australia. It was a spontaneous decision to make and that was my first solo trip. Almost. I’m lucky that I have friends in Aussie to show me around.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you the complete itinerary for this trip. I did not book a standard tour. In fact, I did not manage to see all the highlights there.


Still, it wasn’t the destination that moved me. It’s the experience between the milestones. Really.

The moment I touched down Tullamarine Airport, I was simply thrilled! There’s something different about the air in Melbourne. It’s so much fresher and no wonder Australia is known as the treasure trove of natural greenery and wildlife.

I spotted a possum crossing the road. You’d never see something like that back in Malaysia.

It was around November when I got there where everything is lush with the beauty of Spring and Summer.

My friend, Cindy and I rented a car for the day from Economy Car Rentals.

We thought it’d be an adventure to go on our own. Besides, DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN DRIVE AROUND AUSTRALIA WITH A MALAYSIA DRIVING LICENSE? You don’t really need a permit if you’re just planning to travel short term (less than 3 months).

But of course, make sure it’s still a valid license. The laws in Australia is a lot more strict than how it is in Malaysia.

For instance, if you spot a signboard saying drive at 70km/hour, you should be driving at 70km/hour. Nothing less or definitely not more.

So, adventure begins. As we were leaving the city, I could see the entire Melbourne skyline whizzing pass me.

at the petrol station and situated just right beside it is where Hungary Jack’s at.


My first meal in Melbourne! I had the Double Cheese Burger. Hmm.. the patty was slightly dry for me but aside from that it’s pretty alright for a quick bite.

When I said the view is simply spectacular, it really is! Just like how countrysides are depicted in magazines, they were all happening right in front of me.

Surrounded by authenthic Australian countryside with bales of hay spreading across the wide fields, local bred cows and pure rural beauty, nothing speaks calmness like it.


There’s no rush throughout the journey. It feels like a place where time slows down so you can be free from stresses in life. Everything at the countryside is so soothing, giving you the feeling where you have all the time in the world to be in tune with nature.

The major downside is that there was no reception. When I say it’s a rural area, it literally is. So we kind of lost signal and ended up driving ahead. Directionless. Guess what they say, not all who wander are lost.

After driving into the unknown along the beautiful coastline, miraculously we found our first attraction.


Castle Cove.

I still remember the wind blowing through my hair, the sight of turquoise waters and the sounds of the waves calling out surfers who are just looking to ride with the waves.

I could gaze at it all day but time was limited.

Even if I don’t get to see every single attraction of The Great Ocean Road, The 12 Apostles is a must-see-before-I-die buck list that I’m determined to achieve. Apparently, it’s another 30 minute drive from Castle Cove.

I’ve got to admit. I was panicking. Somewhere deep in me know I wouldn’t get there in time.

Just as I was about to lose hope, there it is. Paradise right at the perfect timing and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


Watching suburban sunsets turning sand into gold spendour and memorizing the rhythm of the waves crashing into lime stones.


That’s my unforgettable experience. Accompanied by an old friend, an adventurous road trip and being rewarded by a view that’s to die for!

Followed by a quiet night drive under the pitch dark sky only lit by the bright stars that seem so far away.

Keeping my fingers cross that one day, I’ll relive the moments. But more importantly, to satisfy bold and adventurous streak in me.

That’s my memory of The Great Ocean Road. Bet you can create a voyage just as amazing as mine. For more info, visit

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