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Spontaneous Road Trip to Frog Hill at Tasek Gelugor, Penang

Sunrise at Karpal Singh Drive

Imagine gathering at sunrise with absolutely no plans for the rest of the day, what would happen then? Well, you’ll either have a lazy and boring time without much going on, or your it may go a little something like this. I met up with friends early in the morning at Karpal Singh Drive. Our plan was that we had no plan – just catch the sunrise and then see where the day leads us. Little did I know this would make it on my list of life’s favourite days (no I don’t keep an actual list – but now I’m thinking I should).

I first came across Frog Hill (also known as Guar Petai) from a Facebook post that was going viral among Penangites. Since then I’ve been asking several different groups of people to come along, but it never turned into a concrete plan. I have no idea how we ended up there that day. I had already put this place to the back of my mind, but one of my friends recalled that we talked about it. So instead of going somewhere standard like Penang Hill, within a minute of discussion we decided to head towards the mainland to find this place.

IMG_20180131_173656 (1)

Hence started our adventure with Waze to guide us there, with a few hiccups along the way. Unsurprisingly, we got lost several times. At one point we even realised were going in circles because we were too busy talking and telling stories. It’s hard to come across people who are on the same wavelength as you. The people who are always up for anything and never put your ideas down. This was a place I was so eager to check out, so having friends who will follow along and will be just as excited while doing it, is an amazing feeling.

IMG_20171205_101004.jpgFrog Hill is located at an abandoned mine site and you can find it using Waze or Google Maps. However, the GPS won’t lead you right to the hill. We stopped our car at one point and traveled towards the hill by foot on the red muddy road. Even walking there was a task because it had been raining the night before, so there were big patches of slipperly mud everywhere (not to mention the occasional cow/horse poop – as spotted in the photo). Since this wasn’t planned, I was wearing flip flops which turned out to be very inconvenient, specially once we actually had to climb up the rocks of the hill to get to the viewing point. It was totally worth it though, because the view was absolutely breath-taking!


Some things I learned from this, which may help those of you planning to visit Frog Hill:

  • Wear proper sports attire – specially shoes!
  • Bring along a bottle of water, there are no stores at the site.
  • Sunblock – the only thing that can protect you from the heat here.
  • Better yet, go on a day when it’s not so sunny.
  • But also don’t go on a rainy or post-rainy day.
  • Travel there in a group, don’t go alone as accidents could happen and it’s a very isolated place.
  • Be very careful when driving along the muddy path, suggest not to drive cars which are very low.

Just to prove my point, this is how our car looked like by the end of it!


This day will stay with me for a while – stunning view, great spontaneity and the best company. I definitely recommend checking out Frog Hill if you’re a Penangite or simply passing by. It can be a little tricky getting there, but once you do, you’ll forget all the struggles!



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